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  Looking for activated carbon bag business。What business do,Rather than selling activated carbon。Deposits must at home,Home is better than activated carbon。...
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The ground The address:Hubei zaoyang as water across the park gate(Activated carbon)Stores
Mail Make up:441000
Contacts:Du manager
The electricity Words:0710-6229759
Hand Machine:Du manager 13797636910 15707228048
Silicon prices:200-8000Yuan/Tons
Activated carbon price:6800-12800Yuan/Tons
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   Zaoyang red cover charcoal industry science and technology co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturing enterprise activated carbon,Products throughISO9001The quality system,The annual output5000Tons.The main products are:Coconut shell activated carbon、Nut shell activated carbon、Wooden activated carbon、Powdered activated carbon、Biological activated carbon、Coal column activated carbon、Meteorological activated carbon for adsorption、Activated carbon for benzene formaldehyde removal、Activated carbon for water purification、Activated carbon for oil removal、Activated carbon for waste water、Decolorizing activated carbon for in addition to taste a variety of specifications, etc、And dozens of varieties。Widely used in water treatment、Environmental protection、Chemical industry、The oil、Tap water company、The water plant、Industrial water、Ultrapure water、Power plants and other industries and fields。Welcome new and old customers and our company to discuss cooperation,Seek common development!...
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